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7 Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors During the Pandemic

Exercising your dog is not always about stepping outdoors. There is a lot you can do indoors. Considering the risk of this pandemic, it’s important to avoid outdoor spaces and spend more time at home. In these challenging times, dogs are a great source of therapy and it’s natural they need care too. Well, if you feel trapped inside and want to keep your emotional support dog physically active, these fun indoor activities can be of great help. Treadmills Who

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5 Tips to Travel on a Budget This Year

“A new year, means new me”. Isn’t that what we tell ourselves every year? But I think it is time to put these words to work. Every year we create new goals that we have in our minds and almost everyone has one similar goal, traveling. We all want to travel, want to become wanderlusts and have cool pictures from the ice caps and the beautiful beaches as well. So what worries you from doing so. I know, it’s your

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Best ways to bring a positive change in your dog’s life

A dog is like a blessing. Honestly, a canine can be the best thing in your life. They have a subtle vibe about them that is really comforting and keeps you sane. The best thing about dogs is that they are selfless. You don’t have to beg to get their attention. It’s an innate part of their personality. Presently, human existence is plagued with stress and other challenges of life. So, you need a form of escape that works. Dogs

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5 Patio Makeover Ideas Within A Budget

No matter what’s the size of the yard in your home, decorating it can help you enhance the value of your home. Adding a patio is a great way to attract natural beauty and wildlife. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still find a wide range of inexpensive things for patio makeover. So, how can you create the space of your dreams, where you can host parties and spend quality time with your loved ones? Let’s discuss the

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