How to Avoid Distractions When You Go To Bed?

Has it ever happened to you that you complete all your tasks, have a perfect dinner, and get ready to hit the bed but as soon as you actually lie down to get some sleep, you are not able to. Even though you are tired, your eyes are wide open and you are thinking about everything nonsense. Trying to sleep, you change your sides but nothing seems to work. If you can relate to this, this blog is for you.

Sleeping at night may be the ultimate goal of the day for the majority but not everyone is blessed with the perfect sleep cycle and schedule. To begin with, have a clean bed and room. There is no way you would get the perfect sleep if you are not in a bed that is at least clean. And even if you manage to sleep, a dirty bed shall affect your face and skin, which is something neither one of us wants

Try Journaling

If your issue is that you start thinking as soon as you hit the bed, well, I can feel you.  I have been there and it was a struggle, I used to think about anything and everything one can imagine. From finances to budgeting, career, education, hobbies, diet, and dream life. It may sound good but after a certain point everything just stressed me and finally I found a solution. It’s not perfect but it works most of the time. Whenever I start overthinking I get up and just write everything down that is in my mind.

Avoid The Phone

Another thing our generation does as soon as they get into bed is binge watch a whole season of their favorite series. Tell me you too are guilty of this. I watched Emily in Paris, in just one night, and oh boy how much I loved and regretted it at the same time. Gone are the days when I used to sleep with my phone on my side. Now I place it on the table that is at some distance from my bed so that I don’t get attracted to its screen.

Try Some Gummies

One thing that I have added in my night time routine that I highly recommend to each and every person around me is to take delta-8 THC gummies before bed. Not only do these calm me down but help me sleep like a baby.

To sleep on time, I prefer waking up on time and staying awake all day WITHOUT caffeine. I do this on weekends too. Not like I don’t have caffeine at all. I cannot live without my morning coffee, I just avoid coffee after lunch. Waking up on time ensures I feel tired and sleepy by the night.


Yoga, meditation or stretching before bed helps a lot in sleeping quickly and improves the quality of sleep as well. I personally prefer meditation in the morning and stretching before bed. That helps me sleep better. Even studies recommend stretching before bed and acknowledge its benefits.

Indulge in Some Essential Oils

Essential oils help in having a good night’s sleep as well. Dark, cold room perfect for sleeping and a diffuser with lavender oil setting up the right atmosphere for sleeping. Studies support this belief that essential oils help in sleeping.

If nothing works for you, you should consider consulting a physician as  your condition may be serious and you would need expert guidance. Do not delay or avoid this as insomnia and irregular sleeping can eventually affect your overall health.

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