5 Tips to Travel on a Budget This Year

“A new year, means new me”. Isn’t that what we tell ourselves every year? But I think it is time to put these words to work. Every year we create new goals that we have in our minds and almost everyone has one similar goal, traveling. We all want to travel, want to become wanderlusts and have cool pictures from the ice caps and the beautiful beaches as well. So what worries you from doing so. I know, it’s your budget. We all have had that thought, do we have enough money? Well what if I tell you that you can travel on a budget. And save money as well. It is not that difficult especially with all the deal finding websites. I have some tips for you, which will help you for sure. 

Your Mindset 

This has nothing to do with your budget. But I feel without this you might never even start planning. When you think about traveling on a budget, you will always look for ways to save money. This is too much pressure for a person who is trying to travel and relax. Don’t you think so? 

You should start with a simple saying “Yes, I can”. It’s all in the mind, you need to have a good mindset to travel. Once that is set you will have an unstoppable momentum.

Flight Deals

Getting a good flight deal is not difficult in 2020. The easiest way is to simply type flights to the destination you want to go on google. It will show you all the flights available and also their prices. Or you could log onto any of the hundred websites that allow you to compare the flight fares. Another great travel hack is to build and use points or miles. You must have heard of this. Frequent flier miles and points recovered from your latest flight. These points can help you in your booking for a flight. They can get you a heavier discount. 

Stick to Public Transport

Renting a vehicle is not a good idea if you are on a budget. It is usually these vehicles that suck your money dry. They are just too expensive. Until and unless you are the lucky customer and you get one at a cheaper rate. But that isn’t going to happen. Anyways, it is a better option to use public transport as they allow you share the travel expense with other people as well. In that way you won’t be paying too much all by yourself. Also, we should start preserving our environment. Starting to use more and more public transport will eventually help our environment get greener. 

Finding local transportation by yourself can never be a problem as long as you have a smartphone. All you need to do is google it. Google maps shows all the public transportation available near you. 

Getting Accommodation 

Getting cheap accommodation is a good option as well. But some people prefer spending less on everything except the place they are going to stay. We all want a little hygiene, sense of security, a good view and some really good room service. No worries there is a solution to all your problems. You can get great places to stay if you go through a few sites. But personally I have enjoyed using Airbnb for accommodation most of the time. They have multiple options as well as home stays. That means you can cook your own meals too. So that’s like getting two birds with one stone. 

Eating Cheap 

I love to eat, it has to be the best thing anyone does while traveling. Imagine you are traveling around the world and eating different cuisines. Each delicacy that you try will have a different flavor. And it will all cost a lot of money. So how do you eat cheap? I have a very different rule when it comes to eating cheap. 

When I book my accommodation I make sure they have a complimentary breakfast. Now if you get a similar deal then you are ion luck. All you need to do is fill up during breakfast and then have a light snack during lunch from outside. 

It is very easy to find some good street food and after all you have gone to explore and become a wanderlust right. Only during the night it may get a little difficult only if you are traveling alone. If you are in a group then it is easy to split the cost. Remember a few things, you don’t need to eat expensive, you don’t need to go to a place that is lavish. You will find ample places where you can get food at good rates.


The world is filled with options for you to travel in a budget. It doesn’t matter if you save very less in a week or manage not to save at all!  What matters is that you take the first step. The rest gets easier on it’s own. If you don’t want to walk around on your own then choose from any top taxi apps UK and you are ready to start your very own adventure!

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