5 Fashion Tips That We Get From K-Pop Stars

What’s big right now besides a global pandemic? K-Pop.

Even if you are not into K-Pop, there may be that one BTS or Blackpink song that you jive to because it’s everywhere. 

But, besides bringing catchy beats and songs to the western world, K-Pop is also popular for all the fashion choices. 

K-Pop is big on aesthetics. Pick up any music video on Youtube and you will understand what I mean. From huge sets to colorful fashion choices, fashion enthusiasts can find a lot of inspiration here. Just to give you an idea, here’s an overview of a few fashion tips that you can get from K-Pop. 

Go Big on Colors

It’s true that all beige, black, gray and light tones look classy and effortless, but this should not be the reason for you to let go of bold colors altogether. 

If you talk about K-Pop, their bold color choices can be seen in not just their outfits but also the haircolor. From pink, red and orange to turquoise, purple and green, coloured hair is a big thing in this industry. 

As for the clothes, the choice of colors also looks chic and elegant. From bold multi-colored checked patterns to sweaters resembling graffiti, the K-pop stars are unapologetic about their color choices and nail them in every way. 

Pink Suits Every Gender

Pink Suits Every Gender

Gone are the days when colors were associated with a specific gender. K-Pop breaks several stereotypes with their fashion choices and the use of color pink happens to be one of them.

It’s not just a popular color choice among girls but also the boys. Even the biggest of all K-Pop stars can be seen donning different shades of pink, varying from blush to hot pink. And the best part? There’s no judgment in making such a fashion choice. After all, pink is not a color of any specific gender, right?

Have a Statement Piece

Every fashion influencer will agree that the key to looking great at all times is building your outfit around a statement piece. From chunky earrings to a statement designer jacket, your centerpiece can be anything. The rest of the process is all about finding accessories or clothing items that complement and enhance the beauty of the statement piece. 

For example, Jimin from BTS wore a statement, shimmery Gucci jacket and paired it with plain jeans and t-shirt, when performing DNA at the AMAs. This outfit managed to make headlines in the US. 



The reason why all K-Pop stars seem so fashion forward is their choice of accessories. Pick any music video of BlackPink and you’ll see how they use choker necklaces, teeth rims, earrings, hair accessories, shoes, etc. to make their outfits stand out a little more.

Even the boys do not shy away from wearing small earrings once a while to add something new to their look. 

This should be enough inspiration for you to pick your accessories for an amazing outfit. And while you do that, you might as well go and try a Blackpink bias quiz here https://quizzboom.com/.

Rock Oversized Fits

Rock Oversized Fits

Gone are the days of fitted clothes. K-Pop has managed to make oversized fit trendy

Imagine a pair of skinny, ripped jeans with an oversized striped shirt. That’s a look that will definitely turn heads. Besides being comfortable, it looks extremely trendy and gives a slight edge to your personality. 

Try oversized t-shirts, sweaters, overcoats, sweatshirts, etc. and style it the way you like. Play with different fits as per your body shape and you will end up loving the oversize fit trend like every other millennial and gen Z today. 


Korean culture is becoming more popular on the international front. From music and Korean skincare to fashion, you can get a lot of inspiration from here. So, are you a fashion influencer or one with amazing styles? If yes, then what do you think of K-Pop fashion and the tips we’ve discussed above? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to share your tips to nail an outfit. 

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