4 Ways to Reduce Social Media Anxiety

Everyone is at least on some social media platform, be it instagram, snapchat or facebook to name a few. But what makes us reach out to such platforms? Social media has many appealing qualities. You can control what you share, socialise when you choose, and delete or leave out the parts of yourself you don’t like. It’s just too easy on social media isn’t it? 

But there are a lot of people who have begun developing an anxious front on social media. That is because of the concept of instant gratification and how we have started craving it more and more by the day. 

How can you reduce your social media anxiety? Here are 4 methods to reduce social media anxiety on your own. 

Switch Your Focus 

Rather than keeping a check on how many likes, views you have, there is a lot more to be seen and read on social media. Try to divert your mind into doing things that take you away from the anxiety you feel.

Try to get lost in enjoying what is out there. You can also shift your focus and concentrate better on other stuff with the best delta 8 gummies. They are a really good way to start focusing better and relieving anxiety. 

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Now this isn’t something to be just followed online, but in day to day life too. There are a lot of people with insane talents. Some can paint well, some dance and some just play an instrument too well. 

Don’t get demoralised by this, you can always hone your skill and get better at it by the day. It’s all about focusing on your good points and enhancing them to the fullest.

Comparisons can be positive, but not always. You don’t have to browbeat yourself over something you can’t do. It’s always better to try and give it a go and see how well you are at it. If not, there is always something new to try and be good at!

Remember That Not Everything Online Is 100% Accurate

How many times have you seen that perfect hourglass body on Instagram? Or the perfect set of abs? What we do need to realise is that not everything that’s online is true. There are all sorts of filters, all sorts of editing apps to give off that ‘Perfect Self’. 

You know all of your own human flaws and quirks inside out, but see only the occasional, carefully airbrushed shot of others. Try to understand that everyone has their flaws which they don’t want to show. You only see what anyone wants to show about their life to you. 

Moderate Your Use

If you are constantly on social media apps and are berating yourself for not being what you see, that’s just bad for yourself. Try to manage your day such that you don’t always end up being on your phone. 

Plan to take up a new hobby, if you already have one, try to make the best of it. Look out for your well being. You can read something new, cook for yourself rather than ordering food. There’s a lot to do with the extra time that you spend ‘socialising’. 

You could also just put your phone down and smell the roses, it will surely be a refreshing change!

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