10 Things To Do In A Week in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a gem on the Italian itinerary of your dreams. This visually stunning coastline is dotted with towns that have something for every kind of traveler. Solace and scenic hiking trails lined around breathtaking beaches create a feast for anyone’s eyes.

Famous for its architecture, food, and adventure sports, if you have a week to spend, we’ll ensure that you never run out of things to do and a basket full of memories to lug back with you.

Visit Sorrento

Depending on where you start from, Sorrento is the start or rather the end of the Amalfi coast. Under both circumstances, it is a place you don’t want to miss out on. Known for its beautiful scenery and coastal walks, you can enjoy the city right on your feet.

Don’t miss out on the cathedral of Sorrento, a structure built in the 11th century. It is the birthplace of Limoncello, so grab a couple of bottles of that good stuff when you’re down there.  

Fall in Love with the Glamour and Serenity of Positano

Positano is easily the most picturesque town on the Amalfi coast. The Romans first established the elegant villas scattered in between the gorgeous pastel houses. Yes, the city looks exactly the way you have seen every picture of it look. Sandy beaches, seaside bars, and an excellent nightlife and boutiques. Positano might be on the slightly pricier side, but it’s totally worth it.

Just beware you will be climbing a lot of steps while you’re in Positano. So wear comfortable shoes.

Hike Around the Amalfi Coast

If nature is your thing, then you need to trek along the Amalfi coast on the Path of the Gods. Here you can take in the beauty of the whole coast. Located around the Lattari Mountains, it runs around the entire coastline. There are also some patches with pine forests and caves for variation. Other pathways have cascading waterfalls, and Fern lined streams and ruins of foundries of the bygone era and paper mills.

Gaze at the Ceramics of Vietri Sul Mare

The stunning town of Vetri Sul Mare is like taking a walk through an open-air museum. This place is like a real explosion of colors and flavor. The most well-known artifact you can walk out of in this city is the ceramics. The charming houses and the beautiful majolica domed church make it a small town you don’t want to skip out on.

Feel Free In Fiordo di Furore

The ultimate escape is Fiordo di Furore, the only fiord in Italy. Undiscovered by tourists, it is situated right next to the uber-famous Positano. The dramatic fiord is a sight to behold with turquoise water and a beach which gradually ascends to a gorge.

Tune Out with Tuna in Certara

Established in the 9th century. Certara is the most authentic fishing village situated among the Amalfi Coast. This is the place you want to go to see the impact tourists have had on the other cities.

The famous fishing fleet gets fresh tuna to you for your tasting pleasure. Three world-renowned restaurants grace this small village Il Convento, Il San Pietro, and L’Acqua Pazza.    

Hang in the Namesake at the Amalfi Town

The main own in this line-up, it always packed with tourists. It is also significantly larger than any other town because of its cathedral. The cathedral is the main attraction to grace this town, with the front being covered in an opulent striped stonework pattern.

Revel at the Sights in Ravello

Ravello is the town with all the sight. Located on a mountain between Amalfi and Maiori, it is hardly ever packed with tourists and exudes a relaxed vibe. Ravello is known as the playground of the rich and famous. The multiple terrace restaurants are a great place to have a romantic evening.

If it’s summer when you decide to make a trip be sure to catch the Ravello Music Festival at the Villa Rufolo. Which FYI is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Beach it Out in Majori and Minori

Minori, also called the “City of Flavour,” is a UNESCO site and a must-visit. The village is filled with fresh pasta, and let’s be honest, who can resist pasta? Once you’re done with the food of Minori, head out to Majori. This is the land of relaxation with the beaches it provides. Spend a day here; rejuvenating your mind and soul.

The place also has all the charm of yesteryear town with no interruption from the world.

Snorkel at Punta Campanella

The place where the Gulfs of Salerno and Naples join is bound to be an amalgamation of beauty and activity. This particular protected marine area provides an unparalleled experience to snorkel and dive with the best of marine life. The visibility of this entire area is heightened due to low human intervention and aquamarine waters.

The Amalfi Coast should be right up on your bucket list. It has something for everyone. If driving isn’t your thing hop on a train to enjoy the landscapes and take a journey to remember,  

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